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Aircraft engines. Photo.

Welcome to the Division of Combustion Engines

Here we study and develop tomorrow's engine technology

The transition to a fossil-free society demands new types of energy efficient engines. Even though some of them will be driven by electricity, the combustion engine will remain the prime mover on our roads for the foreseeable future.

The Division of Combustion Engines is a long-time leader in new combustion concepts such as Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) and Partially Premixed Combustion (PPC). Both concepts improve the fuel economy and decrease harmful exhaust emissions. The research aims at a better understanding of the combustion processes and how new types of fuels can improve their potential further. The division also pursues research on the traditional combustion concepts (diesel and Otto engines) since stricter societal demands on emissions and fuel economy calls for deeper knowledge also about these engine types.

We give two engine courses for engineering students. The introductory course treats the engine's function and properties. In an advanced course the engine's working and combustion processes are studied in closer detail. The division also gives a course on vehicle systems.